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Privacy Policy 

No Jokes here, we take this Quite seriously.

We at Orange Cabbage Values the privacy of information pertaining to its associates. We do not use or disclose information about your individual visits to our website or any information that you may give us, such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to any outside sources. Well because that would be a shit move for anybody.

Any personal data collected will be used by Orange Cabbage, to contact you via phone, SMS or email for marketing and to deliver certain updates for services or information you have requested.

Connect with us if you have any query about us.

Return & Replacement

All return & replacement cases shall be considered within 7 days after the date of delivery of your order. 

How to initiate a return?

Well Just Call us.
Will try to provide a solution within 24 working hours after you report the issue.

Our return and refund policy:

Refund shall be processed only if :

  • Product was delivered damaged. ( don’t see this happening, mostly because we be delivering it ourselves and if we break on the way, well we wouldn’t deliver it at all.

  • If the functionality of the product is not as described on the website.

  • If it differs from the description given.


Shipping and/or Cash on Delivery (COD) charge/s, if paid shall be deducted from the refundable amount.

We shall deduct a handling charge from your refundable amount if your order is outside city limits of Bangalore.

Replacement Possibility

No two products are the same, so another item can only replace it.

Most Products are of quite delicate in nature and some u can break a door open with or crack somebody’s skull open. 

Disclaimer: Please use the products for what it's intended for, we will take no responsibility for such actions.

So it can only be replaced by another item of the same value. ie; if it meets the return & refund policy.

I can't think of any more points. Basically, if we fuck up, we will take responsibility for it.


But I assure you the quality of the products, considering her OCD is on another level and he is an obnoxious perfectionist. So who is writing all this who knows?


( could be the overly dramatic narrator in my roof ).

Shipping, Handling & Cancellation Policy

Shipping and Handling - Within Bangalore 

All the products are dispatched within 24 hours after you order them. Thereafter, delivery time depends on the type of delivery option selected by the customer when placing the order:
Standard delivery option:

FREE shipping for orders above Rs. 999.
Rs. 99 for orders less than Rs.999.
Next day delivery option: (Do try to call and confirm .. I mean rather remind me please)

The order would be delivered on the next day.
A flat rate of Rs.150.00.
This option is valid for orders placed between 12 AM and 3 PM on working days from Monday to Friday.

Cancellation Policy:

Well, I hope u don’t. But if you did do it, well you must have had your reasons.
But please do it before it is shipped say in 4 hours of making the order, and a complete refund shall be made.

If out for delivery. Well then you are out luck and be charged equal to our standard delivery charge, seems only fair.

Do you have any questions about our work process, our products or quite literally anything about our firm? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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